Gul’dan 10/10 NH Mythic

Following a somewhat slower progression stint on Augur we picked up the pace again with Elisande and now Gul’dan. Gul’dan turned out to be a very long and interesting fight. Mostly about learning the fixed pattern and reducing deaths and damage taken rather, with only a few DPS checkpoints. The end of Phase three did feel a bit anti-climactic after 12 minutes. Given the fix-pattern approach it’s a boss that is easy to re-kill and we look forward to farming him for mounts over the coming months. We ended up at rank 261 for the Gul’dan kill. That is below our goals and expectations – and as the guild looks forward to ToS we’re looking at how to improve on […]

Odyn down!

After clearing Emerald Nightmare – we’re now in Trial of Valor progressing. Last week saw us besting Odyn and we’re currently working on Guarm. Generally Trial is a step up from EN in terms of fight design and a nice change of pace. Still our main aim is Nighthold which seemed very promising with a lot of entertaining fights on PTR.

Alpha Raid Testing Continues

A lot of us are on Alpha having fun testing the new class changes, quests, professions and what not. But perhaps most important is all the raid testing we are doing. So far we’ve fielded a solid team for each of the alpha raids and we intend to do so for the rest of them as well! If this sounds appealing to you, we do have a few spots open on our Legion progression roster. So don’t hesitate in contacting us! For our review of yesterday’s bosses. First boss, Star Auguror, was fun and had a nice rhythm and feel to it. Even if some of our DPS was calling it the next training dummy.The walls going down and floating […]

Archimonde Mythic down

After a long struggle against green fire the end-boss of the expansion died. We were pleased to find ourselves at the top of the Silvermoon rankings. With the kill begins the long wait and drudgery of farm as we look ahead to the next expansion.