Fallen Avatar down! 8/9 Mythic

After just over 3 weeks of progress, Fallen Avatar…. well, falls! Well done to everyone involved and after our gains on Maiden of Vigilance we rose another 50 ranks to 295 in the world and hot on the heels now of a top 3 spot on Silvermoon, merely hours away. That remains our target and we have every confidence with our roster strong, and our raiders motivated we will push on and finish the tier on a high! Bring on Kil’Jaeden!  

Maiden of Vigilance down – 7/9 Mythic

Another week, another boss, if you can call Maiden of Vigilance that after the trials of Mistress Sassz’ine. But another positive step for us towards our goal as we gained over 100 ranks moving us to 345 world, and solidifying our top 5 spot on Silvermoon. We look forward now to the challenges of Fallen Avatar!