As we dream about things to come



In our quest to defy the burning legion and show up prepared we have been spending time in the Alpha and Beta raid testing. At times a rather grueling experience when server stability, login queues and broken mechanics. At other times an interesting look at new fights, a change of pace from the dull uninspiring farm that is Hellfire Citadel after close to a year of farming.

Recently we had the pleasure to test Xavius, the end boss of Emerald Nightmare, again. The room design has us divided in camps on thinking it’s cool and thinking it’s rubbish. But the fight design looks like it can become challenging on mythic depending on tuning and we’re speculating if there’s a hidden phase like on Imperator. The fight otherwise has us reminiscing about Cho’gall with all the tentacles!




For those of us who have played since Vanilla and fought the green dragons the entire Emerald Nightmare is both something we look forward to and a trip down memory lane as we encounter some old friends in the dragon council boss.

And we look forward to restoring peace and tranquility to the land. To returning the verdant dream to the sleepers.


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