Boost Runs

Mythic guild <Sublime-EU Silvermoon> is now selling Mythic + dungeon boosts on all realms. 



Sublime has been successfully selling boost runs since Lich King Heroic. We always deliver on what you have paid for and provide a  smooth and polished boosting experience.

Buying a run gives you the kills and achievements as well as any items our boosters don’t need. Our Mythic boost runs are arranged to suit your convenience – either at the weekend or on a non-raid evening.


Additional information:

For the Mythic boosts you are welcome to join our team speak to get the full experience as well as instructions for how to execute the tactics. TS details will be provided before we start.  When reserving a slot we expect a 10% deposit. The rest of the gold will be due at the start of your boost run. We accept ONLY in-game currency but can accept it on any realm horde or alliance. We will convert the gold into tokens on your realm.


Prices are as follows:

  •         Using our M15 keystone + the Keystone Conqueror and any loot that we don’t need – 450k
  •         Using a depleted keystone to get your M15 weekly cache – 300k
  •         Boosting your M15 KS – 400k
  •         We are also willing to negotiate boosting M12 keys to M15 etc.
  •         On Silvermoon we offer a 15% discount on our going rates.



If you are interested in purchasing from us or you have any questions, please contact us in-game (Blyssa – Silvermoon)