Sublime is a well organised raiding team that has been around since January 2006, a whooping ten years!

We want to compete with other high ranking guilds while having fun and not compromising on things in life. You’ll have a laugh and feel like a part of the team whilst not having to put up with constant deaths to fire and an officer team that is too scared to replace the offending player.

During progress we raid four times a week, on Wednesday, Thursday, Sunday and Monday, with raiding hours from 20:00 to 23:15. We try to avoid pushing raiding hours too hard unless a boss kill is imminent, and even then it is done with restraint.

The guild uses loot council in order to ensure that loot is distributed in a manner that the raiding team benefits from the most. You won’t have to worry about the officers looking out for themselves or their friends since they are always looking at the big picture and wanting the best for the guild.